The Omega-3 Heavyweight

Best known for its high omega-3 content, this superfood was already used in energy drinks thousands of years ago: the Aztecs and Mayas drank their chia with water and lime to boost their energy and endurance. Today, this little seed is considered a fantastic source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants.

And chia seeds are just so easy to use: you can add them to juices or smoothies, sprinkle them on anything from rice dishes to vegetables or salads, put them in cereals, yogurts, and porridges, or add them to baked goods such as bread, cookies, or snack bars. And yes, this plant looks simply lovely, too.


We can pack all of our bulk products in paper or polyethylene bags in weights of 25 kg or 25 lbs. Of course, we can ship in big bags, too. All containers are professionally loaded and sealed, fitted out with desiccant bags to absorb humidity. For finished retail products, we offer tailor-made solutions.


We go to great lengths to make sure that the work we do at TCL Organic is performed in harmony with the nature that surrounds us. That’s why we use international best practice environmental management systems to guarantee that our farmers’ activities have a positive impact on the entire ecosystem. Since our very first farming experiences, we have witnessed vast improvements in the quality of the soil, water, and air in our production areas. Our farmers’ lands now buzz and whir with birds and bees. We closely monitor the farmlands and their surroundings to ensure that our seeds are cultivated in an idearonment.